“Hi, my name is Sheri and I am going to be your nurse tonight”!

The other job besides mom

Not sure how many of you have heard this in your lifetime and to be honest, not sure how many times I have said it.  This is my line.  My schtick, my hey, my hello and how do you do.  As you may have guessed from the title, I am a nurse.  Yes a registered nurse.  I get asked more times than not.  Yes I work night shift, for almost 18 years!  Ugg you say!  Well, if your a true night shift person then you know where I am coming from.

Single mother and you work nights?

I am mother of four incredible children. Three daughters and one son.  Even luckier, I have five magnificent grandchildren. Four princesses and one prince. Like many people, I am a single parent.  This requires for the most part, the parent, me, to leave for long hours at a time to work, as a nurse in this case to raise and support my family.  Lucky for me my children are now adults and don’t require my supervision, but when I first started my kids were 2, 4, 4 and 7.  Worked as a nurses aide for my last year in nursing school, so my kids were already used to me being gone at night and when I graduated and worked as a nurse, I stayed on night shift.  I have some stories about that.

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Don’t forget the coffee!


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